I do JBP all the time for niggling pains combined with calling universal kindness frequency as I do hands on JBP. I use it on my daughter while putting her to bed, addressing the physical pains of a tired kid and she sleeps in no time.. It also helps my husband get better sleep and calms his mind addressing anxiety.. It works like Magic all the time
I’m doing JBP whenever I get any pain on the body. It vanishes. No painkillers needed.
A friend at the Aikido school where i teach and train is sick . She had a fever turning red . so i did JBPon her as much as i could before the class started.Results, she looked better, fever went away.
I did it on my ankle before zumba this morning..hasnt hurt at all all day.. JBP is amazing❗❗❗❗
I got a throat pain with intensity 8 suddenly and if it was my old self I wld have got high fever and then 3 4 days of antibiotics.. But the new me with powerful JBP, I jst casually drew the kindness and master keys on my left tonsil, right tonsil and mid bone and voila.. within seconds the intensity was 1!!!!! Like nothing happened 5 mins back..Gratitude Nila
One of the biggest observations/change in myself I have noticed after JBP everyday that I had loss of appetite for almost 2 yrs.. I used to eat but not enjoy, skip meals like it was just an tick mark exercise for me, etc.. now i have suddenly noticed that i feel very hungry and have started choosing again, what I want to eat and how much.. that want to eat has come back and with it the joy of food..
Few days ago completed an 11 days JBP for my mother (85). Most of it was done remotely. She is very scientific inclined, worked in a pharma industry most of her life. i was surprised she even agreed to receive this “Doing Eights” Today she told me cautiously: “You know my asthma is gone,,, usually i seek air and to breath. Not any more, so i have much more energy. So how do we proceed from here? How many times is recommended to receive? …” This got me totally by surprise, still i am deeply greatful, to You Nila and all who facilitate me. To let a person breath is a huge thing :)))))
Today when I was doing my JBP, I drawn health key also for 11 times. It was an awesome experience. I’m feeling energetic and no lower back pain… Usually suffer from PMS every time and this time no PMS no pain no tired feeling nothing. Someone had shared in one of the class that she used to draw the keys on hall. So for the first time I drawn it when my boss was quite cranky and there was sudden shift in her behavior.
Joyous body protocol is a magic created by a magician. Experiencing an amazing shift..felling light in my body…energy levels are high, I used to feel tired after my work and den after reaching home it was like pl give me some space…but now am feeling so relaxed and calm, spending more time with my kids. Was suffering from knee pain and now u won’t believe there is no pain at all.… Hairfall has reduced… Attentiveness has increased. Listening capacity is improving. No dental pain.Feeling more compassionate and kind towards me, my body and others as well. Tons of gratitude for creating this amazing transformation in my life Thank you
JBP Magic keeps rocking✨.My father in law was having tooth pain since past 3 days, taking pain killers daily night, last night he was open to receive healing, I did JBP, he didn’t took medicine and next morning he said pain is completely gone, so greatful
“JBP MY NEW FACIAL”. No make up, No facewash, Just 15 mins of daily JBP gift to my body with light keys ,Have been struggling with 20 yrs of recurring acne on and off since school days. My skin has got clearer now with natural glow…and I would continue giving this beautiful gift to my body with gratitude to Mrs Nila for sharing this simple amazing tool. This is just one of the side benefit when the body feels JOYOUS From INSIDE OUT!!!
Compared to last year my blood tests results have improved overall and got better. thanks to you and all the friends doing JBP swap, meditation
I choose JBP swap for a stronger immunity system – a beautiful side-effect, it’s also helping me with my journey – inside journey of getting to know me better. Its true – emotional days ends up with more peace and calm! Thanks to the light keys and you,Sunali.
Hi all. Since 2 days was having a boil on my scalp nd it was painful. Yesterday night did master key over it 33 times. When I got up in the morning it had vanished. Thnx Nila. Jbp works magically.
I had back pain for 10 years. I tried yoga & physiotherapy and it reduced a bit but did not have permanant relief. With JBP it is alomost gone. I have stopped yoga now.
My friend had severe toothache and after 3 JBP sessions this was her note to me, no pain now, and had a very emotional time after we finished with my two babies(my Doggies) So much love, and the knowing that they are here for me . Beautiful experience.
A lot of awareness also comes up during the jbp – which really helps whilst doing the healing and guides you as to what can be done as the healer and for the client.A huge thank you to nila for introducing this.
My friend had a brain injury due to accident/paralysis :Ive been doing jbp since 3 days and client is feeling a little better
A patient with back pain/disc compression – on bed rest – I have been doing jbp since 3 days, and now the client is able to move around a bit in the day, and is feeling alot better (so much so that he even asked me to continue and do healing for his son)
Thank you very much for the JBP u are also giving me I had pains in the joint and it has reduced considerably.
I’m doing JBP continuously past 8 days before bed.. all the mucus around my cheekbones have melted away, I can breathe better, both nostrils are open as if I never breathed for 40yrs like this and above all I had a very old neck mole and it just fell off my neck.. weip! Hdigbtt!!!Thank you Magical Nila for this Magic
Last month i had done the 11 day JBP on a friend. She messaged me yesterday that she had vaginal itching perhaps a fungal infection. Ofcourse no one wants to risk stepping into a clinic. I chose to do the distant JBP on her for three days. Today, day 2, she messaged me that she’s feeling a lot better.HDIGABTT /WEIP
Just before the lockdown one of my tooth had a HUGE swelling almost as big as the tooth. Was doing various things on myself. It wasn’t painful but was worrying. Dentist said if it doesn’t reduce in a day or so i have to take antibiotics. I couldn’t visit my dentist then, for various reasons. Dr Sanjeevani ( my dentist) chose to do the 11 day JBP on me. The swelling kept reducing every single day. Now it is completely fine. WEIP
JBP works all the time.. instant energy flow that creates ease.. I have seen instant results in my family and felt them personally when I do for myself
I did JBP on my sis in law today who was very tired and gng thru a lot.. instantly she went into deep sleep snoring.. she could feel the electrifying energy and when she got up she was too fresh, the face was glowing such that my brother complimented that wow u r looking fresh..
Today in the cab in the morning I started feeling very sick.. got a bit of giddiness and headache started.. I immediately started doing jbp and did them on my throat first.. felt pukish like in mumbai then a big burp followed.. did crown and forehead and by the time I felt relaxed and sleepy and it was totally gone within mins!!!! It works like magic.. like snap of finger.. and it works all the time. I’m a big fan of JBP.. easy, subtle and joy
My lower back has bothering me which hurts when i move in certain ways.After doing JBP on my back and body pain went away.
I had acidity last week . I made JBP on mostly all body parts . Sometimes it is due to stress . On my heart & stomach thrice a day & need no medication .
last night i had intense pain in left hip and SI joint . I did JBP over that area and the area where i knew i was out alignment . My body adjusted itself no more pain . I started JBP over the rest of my body and fell asleep.
I did the JBP on my husband today. He was feeling very low and was having vertigo. I just asked myself if I am ready to do this for him? I got a yes. So I did the JBP and asked for waves of kindness.He had to go out of station today. Before leaving, he asked me, what did you do? He was feeling good. Mentally and physically.Thank you Nila.
Yesterday Night my Ac was making too much noice and I did Jbp on it and within 5 mins there was silence and I could sleep well….How can it get better than this..…